Reading For Your Success!

Reading puts SUCCESS in your life! Personal development precedes increased income and increased income allows you to live the lifestyle you choose! Join the discussion and learn what others are reading to help them become successful, then tell us what has worked for you!

READ to become a SUPER ACHIEVER! How you THINK determines what you achieve and what you READ determines how you THINK, but given the thousands of books on the market, how do you choose what to read?

Reading For Your Success is a source that provides a short list of books which will lead you to identify your personal definition of success in your life and will tell you, specifically, what actions you must take to achieve your personal life goals. GO NOW!

My criteria for placing a book on my list are 1) It has practical application–there are activities that will lead you to the results you seek; 2) I have personally read the book and found it to be useful in helping me find my path; and 3) It is well written and thus easy to read and absorb. It is important that the list remains short…and 22 books is pushing my limit.

The list on Your Favorites will have no limit–so suggest your BEST BOOK and check back frequently!

The recommendations are offered to help you find your path. There is no more powerful driving force than inspiration…

Check out The List and POST A COMMENT at the bottom of that page…then visit the Read For…Book Reviews and pick a book to help you get started on your journey!

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Enjoy the “Being”

We’ve all heard a thousand times that “life is a journey” and “we should enjoy the ride.” All well and good, but as a child riding in the back seat on an extended trip, your biggest question was probably…”Are we there yet?”
The fact is…while the journey is great, at some point you must arrive.  No one wants to simply travel for travels sake.  You want to get to your destination and enjoy the purpose of your trip.
Success is defined in many ways, but my personal favorite is “Achievement of Intention.”  You have achieved success when you have fulfilled your intention.
So, set a goal.  Work hard at becoming what you need to become to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.  Know that you have arrived when you are being what you’ve always wanted to be and then enjoy the “being.”

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